Making a difference. One event at a time.




In the state of South Carolina there are approximately 8,000 non-profits serving our communities in a variety of ways.  We, at Palmetto Children's Charity (PCC), are devoted to the success and continued support of valuable organizations making a difference everyday.  Focusing primarily on charitable groups that serve children and families, PCC is comprised of a dedicated team that aims to alleviate concerns of manpower and resources that organizations often face, and host community fundraisers benefitting local non-profits.  Essentially, PCC is a non-profit supporting other non-profits.  By planning, organizing, and collaborating with selected beneficiaries PCC is able to alleviate the burden of putting on successful fundraisers, so those organizations can focus more on their mission and impact.  

Palmetto Children's Charity is proud to say that for every dollar raised through our events, over 70% of each dollar is given back to our  beneficiaries. Comprised of a volunteer staff and Board of Directors, we are able to virtually eliminate all administrative costs, ensuring funds spent are directly applied to hosting events for our beneficiaries. For some benefitting organizations, these funds deeply impact their annual expenses, allowing them to sustain and grow for future service.  

PCC believes in getting the community involved!  With events like the St. Paddy's Day Dash & Bash, we incorporate members of our community and other civic groups to volunteer, host information, and partner with us for the greater good.  

We are a community-focused non-profit.  Making a DIFFERENCE one EVENT at a time.